Pooch Selfie

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In the simplest possible terms? Pooch Selfie is a product designed to help you take better selfies with your pets. But Pooch Selfie is not just the product; Pooch Selfie is an idea; to change pet selfies forever. Pooch Selfie is an attachment that allows you to clip one of our squeaky balls to your phone, giving you the power to focus your dog’s attention before you snap that perfect shot. (Patent No. 9516203)

So where did Pooch Selfie come from?

Pooch Selfie was birthed from the mind of our dog loving founder Jason Hernandez and his recognition that his own beloved pets had become an irreplaceable part of himself. This is true for us all; our lives are a collection of our relationships, and for a lot of us some of the most rewarding relationships we have are with four legged friends. They can teach us the meaning of responsibility when we’re children, and compassion when we’re adults. Our pets become part of us; an extension of our personalities. They most certainly deserve to be represented in our lives and through the pictures we capture.

But what do selfies have to do with it?

Selfie’s are quickly becoming the dominant form of inter-personal communication in the world today: they tell our friends who we are, where we are, and what’s important to us right now. If you were to lay out a person’s story in the 21st century, it would likely be a series of selfies that encompass a broad range of their interests and experiences.

Don’t let the name fool you though; there’s nothing selfish about a selfie.

Selfies are for sharing; with your friends, your family, and sometimes the entire world.

Is it that hard to take a good picture with your dog though?

You’d be surprised. Our dogs are not always quite as cooperative as we like when it comes to staying still and focusing where we need them to. It’s why we invented the Pooch Selfie; it helps your dog focus so you two can have that perfect picture you never would have thought possible before!

Sounds awesome! Anything else?

Just one thing; when we opened with Pooch Selfie being more of an idea than a product, that was far from marketing buzz-talk. We really wanted to make pet photography more rewarding and intimate. Already, we’re succeeding beyond our wildest imaginations, and this is allowing us to give back in other areas.

As Pooch Selfie has grown into a successful start-up, we’ve partnered with charitable causes that directly benefit animals. A portion of every sale is donated to animal rescues and shelters, each going to the preservation of animals that will go on to become beloved pets. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve done with Pooch Selfie; sure, we’ve created a kick-ass product that’s already changing the way pet-owners approach selfies forever, but we’ve also built a platform that’s really going to make a difference to pets in need.