Paddle Synergy

Paddle Synergy

Coach Red(left) analyzes paddling technique by incorporating a classroom setting that has a wide array of tools that facilitates visuals, tactile and audio stimuli.

Sean P. The Trainer(right) assesses bio-mechanics through a functional movement screen to improve mobility, stability, and strength.

Together we developed a fitness program that synergistically combines our various disciplines of instruction.  Providing our clients with a greater awareness on areas of their own personal fitness and how it relates to their performance on the water.

As we continue to grow and develop we invite you to experience what we are all about. If you are someone looking to get an edge on the competition, or just a great workout, you have come to the right place!

Can’t commit to a monthly subscription? No problem! We have a weekly option that offers 5 sessions per week. Spread those sessions out throughout the five days we are open or if you’re really pressed for time do all 5 on the same day! Although we recommend you spread your sessions throughout the week…there is such a thing of too much of a good thing! Note that unused sessions do not carry over to the following week.

Let’s Be Honest…

There are plenty of wonderful gyms and group fitness shops out there. The difference is what Paddlesynergy offers. We feel PaddleSynergy is a cut above the rest in the paddling improvement aspect, in that our sessions won’t just make you leaner, stronger, and lighter but our workouts are specifically designed to help you become more proficient and comfortable on the water, which in turn equals greater speed and performance. We should know…we paddle too!! We want to help you succeed and quite honestly want to share a watercraft/the water with you someday! Our “why” and “purpose” is to help you succeed which in turn is our success. PaddleSynergy will help you lose weight, get strong, build endurance and help improve your paddling technique. What other gym out there can do all the above for you?  No time? No water? No Problem!

Come and try a workout made for paddlers by paddlers!