Old Town Chiropractic

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Old Town Chiropractic / Dr. Brad Thompson D.C.


Old Town Chiropractic has distinguished itself as the premiere practice in the San Diego, CA area. For over 26 years Dr. Brad Thompson has conquered kinks, soothed sore backs and aided athletes in distress while building a reputation of professional excellence.

Old Town Chiropractic’s Services Include:

Family Care – Back and neck relief, chronic pain management, carpal tunnel treatment and more
Auto Accident Therapy – Diagnostics, therapy, whiplash prevention and treatment
Sports Injuries – Recovery plans, flexibility optimization, pain relief
Reasons why people seek Dr. Brad Thompson for their health needs:

Professional athletes use Dr. Brad to optimize performance and balance with state of the art techniques that accelerate soft tissue healing
Specific Exercise prescription to accelerate correction
Specialized Flexion-Distraction Adjusting Table for relief of low back pain and disc injuries
We accept a wide range of insurance providers and welcome walk-ins. Trust us to get you on the right path to improved health.

Amateur and professional athletes from the San Diego, CA area have been coming to see Dr. Brad Thompson for sports injury treatment for over 26 years.

Whether you’ve suffered a recent tweak, pull or strain on the field or are dealing with a longterm complication, Old Town Chiropractic is here to make sure you won’t be on the sidelines long.

Every athlete knows the importance of preventing injury and improving recovery for enhancing athletic performance. Chiropractors specialize in the musculoskeletal system, so can effectively relieve sports injuries while reducing your risk of future injuries.

Our Sports Chiropractic Service Areas Include:

Sports-related injuries
Sprains and strains
Rotator cuff complications
Rehabilitation and Exercises
Performance optimization
Muscle testing
Unchecked sports-related injuries can develop into serious problems, so don’t delay to make an appointment.

Contact Old Town Chiropractic today at 619-297-WELL to schedule an appointment or browse our website for more information regarding Family Care or Sports Injuries.

Participation in sports or exercise is an important step in maintaining your health. Exercise strengthens your heart, bones and joints and reduces stress, among many other benefits. But especially for the weekend athlete, injuries during participation in sports are easy to avoid by taking some precautions. Often, these injuries occur in someone who is just taking up sports as a form of activity, doesn’t use proper safety equipment or becomes overzealous.

The more commonly injured areas of the body include the knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and spine. Remember to discuss any new exercise program with your doctor of chiropractic prior to beginning. You want to start any new exercise slowly and gradually build up to longer workouts.