Fit Lab

The Fit Lab

The Fit Lab was found in June 2015 by two individuals with the sole desire to provide first class personal training at a fully amenable training studio alongside the gold-standard of fitness testings to the greater San Diego area.

The founders, Sean Pangelinan and Keith Miles, wanted to provide a facility dedicated for personal training to help others. Sean was a former Olympic Canoer turned personal trainer. Keith a successful entrepreneur. Back story, Keith was the typical overweight businessman trying to turn his health around. After he successfully lost 100 lbs on his own, he seeked professional help by Sean. Sean educated, motivated, and inspired Keith to get from 230 lbs to 199 lbs, a weight that Keith could not ever remember being. Keith wanted to help others experience the successful health transformation he had. Sean wanted to start his own gym to transform more. Together they formed The Fit Lab.

Today, The Fit Lab continues to transform lives one training session at a time. With the slogan, “not just training, its personal,” the mission of The Fit Lab is still to provide first class personal training with the best equipment and knowledge available. It is now home to other like-minded personal trainers, growing and transforming lives. The Fit Lab will continue to grow as long as there are people seeking the transformation of their life.

Proper nutrition planning takes into consideration your daily caloric needs, physical activity level, goals and lifestyle. Your fitness testing results will clearly define your nutritional needs and we can formulate a detailed nutrition plan specific to you. We will strategize a plan that you can successfully adhere to on a daily basis.

Throughout your fitness journey, as your body composition changes, we will fine tune your caloric needs and adjust the macro-nutrient percentages appropriately.

Contact us to book a free health consultation to discuss your goals, or better yet, book a Nutrition Planning package that includes a Dunk test, a RMR test and nutrition planning to jump start your health journey!

Call (858) 800-2348 or email info@thefitlabsd.com for more information or to schedule an appointment! Get your health journey on the right track, manage your progression, and get the results that you want!