The Dot Connection

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Skip the lines by having tickets in hand when showing up to any of the Southern California Theme Parks, Tours and Attractions. We are in business to help make vacations easier.

The most popular use of the websites is the purchasing and printing of theme park , attraction and tour tickets. We provide the iPad 2, a secure kiosk, wireless network and wireless color printer to enable guests to purchase their tickets without having to tie up the front desk agents while doing it.

The websites are the default landing pages for guests signing into the hotel WiFi systems. The sites can also be the home pages for the business center computers, displayed on televisions and used by the front desk service agents servicing the needs of the guests.

A few items included on the website are theme parks, restaurants, activities, entertainment, beaches, and more. There is even a page specifically for the top picks of the hotel General Manager. Participation includes continual updates and all changes that are desired by the participating hotel.

Need a suggestion of what to do while in vacation? The Dot Connection gives recommendations on what to do in Southern California. Everything from beaches to night clubs, we have you covered.

Looking for where to go in Southern California? We can help. Our website offers directions to local area destinations. You can even print them out to help you on your way.

Vacation is already expensive, why not save a few bucks? The Dot Connection features deals to the major Southern California Theme Parks, Attractions and Sporting Events.