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Dodge Zhong Partners – U.S. China Lawyers

Dodge Zhong Partners, (hereinafter, DZP) was formed by Mr. David A. Dodge, Esq. and his legal research assistant, Ms. Linda Zhong, Esq. subsequent to his appointment as a Professor of International Law at Shenzhen University in 2001. Mr. Dodge began working between the U.S. and China shortly after China joined the WTO. China’s joining the WTO increased business opportunities between two economically diverse nations, the U.S. and China and between many other key global economic players. Competent legal services for complex international business transactions between the two countries grew substantially at that time and that need continues to grow. Dodge Zhong Partners was formed specifically to meet such demand.

Headquartered in the Los Angeles Area (Orange County), with affiliated law firms in New York, Washington, D.C. and China – Dodge Zhong Partners is perfectly positioned to serve clients in both the United States and China. The law firm is equipped with knowledge and experience in international business transactions, as well as the ability to provide legal services in both English and Chinese. The law firm focuses its services in all matters of private international, commercial and immigration law involving both China and the U.S. We also affiliate with lawyers across the globe including in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe and work in conjunction with them to provide specialized, global, multi-jurisdictional services to our Clients. Please see our “legal services” link for a detailed list of services.

Recently in 2015, Mr. Dodge was nominated by his peers as a Lawyer of Distinction for the 2015/2016 year. Less than 10% of attorneys in the United States are ultimately offered membership. “Lawyers of Distinction” is an organization with members from all fifty states. They recognize the top 10% of Lawyers in the United States by a peer review.

The law firm has worked on numerous complex international legal projects since its inception involving, among other things:

● Successfully halted illegal online selling from Chinese suppliers in violation of our U.S. client company’s Chinese SIPO patent rights secured by our firm through cease and desist demands absent litigation across Alibaba.com, Madeinchina.com, DHgate.com and other online platforms;

● Successfully represented Mexico City-based company in mediation and confidential settlement against California-based subsidiary of Chinese multi-national corporation for breach of bailment contract;

● Provided due diligence regarding formation of complex non-profit fundraising joint venture between £500 million British Pound London-based non-profit and Chinese-based co-venturer under the new 2016 Chinese Charity Act;

● Successfully litigated through California courts and mediated confidential settlement for Taiwanese grain distributor in China against U.S. subsidiary of Chinese grain purchaser for fraudulent breach of contract;

● International business disputes and litigation both in court and through ADR;

● International IP filings and enforcement efforts, including resolution of complex foreign patent issues working in conjunction with multi-jurisdictional teams of IP counsel;

● Drafting of complex legal documents that are enforceable across international jurisdictional lines including general international commercial, distribution, OEM, international dispute resolution, vendor/vendee, licensing, non-disclosure, non-competition, non-circumvention and royalty agreements;

● Assistance in the formation of international joint ventures and wholly owned foreign enterprises in foreign jurisdictions;

● Assistance to businesses and clients across jurisdictional lines in the resolution of vendor/vendee contractual relations and disputes;

● Assistance in international fraud investigations and litigation involving multi-jurisdictional courts and law enforcement agencies.