Ola Moana Marketing

Become an expert on Google

Even today, we still underestimate the power of Google. Google has several entities that we use everyday including Gmail, Google Maps, Adwords, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Voice, Analytics and Google Earth just name a few. When it comes to search, Google simply dominates. They own the #1 search engine (Google) and #2 (YouTube). YouTube alone has over 3 billion monthly searches. Some of their slightly lesser know entities dominate in search and are not completely saturated like many others like Yelp, Tripadvisor and Facebook. What does this mean? Opportunity! I posted just a handful of photos on Google Maps of one hotel and have had over 50,000 views. That is a large of amount of exposure without much effort. In seeing that, the opportunity for more business exposure is obvious. It is time to add as much content to Google properties as possible. It goes without saying, Google obviously will rank content on their own sites with more weight. They may publicly deny this, but it is too obvious to not be true. The weight of good, unique content in search is as follows; video, photos, content.