Photo Gallery

These days it’s easy and inexpensive to photograph your products and staff yourself and post those photos on site and social media. All you need is a camera and a computer. However, when you’re trying to make a professional impression on people around the world–most of whom you will never see in person–amateur photography simply won’t cut it. You usually have only a few minutes to “make the sale” with online visitors, and since they can’t handle your products beforehand or talk to your staff face-to-face, they’re going to make their decision based on the quality of the images they see on your website. The higher the quality, the more likely they’ll convert from being a browser to being a buyer.  In contrast to an amateur, a professional photographer will understand how to create images in line with your branding goals and will adjust lighting, shadows and colour to make the subject “pop.” Professional photos will provide the most accurate representation of your products and services, fostering confidence among potential clients.

The SUP Connection

Oktoberfest skimboarding contest Newport Beach

San Diego Zoo

A few of the sites around San Diego

DUDzik wedding

The VIC World Championship of Skimboarding 

san diego Maritime Museum

Morgan Just, World Champion Skimboarder