Morgan Just World Champion Professional Skimboarder

Morgan Just, World Champion Skimboarder Morgan Just, World Champion Skimboarder Morgan Just killing it! Morgan Just killing it!

Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 165 
Dropped in: (date of birth) 10/17/1985 
Home Town: Middletown, CA 
Current Residence: Dana Point, CA 
Stance: Goofy. 
Board Set Up: Morgan Just Pro model Medium with Let's Party arch bar and tail pad 
Years Riding: 13  
Refreshment of Choice: Water 
Favorite Shred Spot: Wedge 
Favorite TV Show: Fuel, and family guy 
Favorite Sounds: (genre of music) grunge 
Favorite Get Away: Europe 
Favorite Tricks: New tricks. 
Favorite Websites: 
Favorite Sports Team: I don't like teams sports 
Favorite Food: Veggies and Taco Bell 
Favorite Season: Spring 


Raised in Laguna Beach, Morgan picked up skimboarding alongside numerous other extreme sports. Over the past 14 years, Morgan has made a name for himself in the skimming world. He has developed and demonstrated through global contests and is ranked as one of the top skimboarders in the world. Morgan's style and experience has helped him excel in other watersports. He is an accomplished surfer and flowboard rider at the Wavehouse. He is constantly looking for new ways to push himself and further promote extreme sports.  

Morgan Just Pro Skim Model 2014 Morgan Just Pro Skim Model 2014

Morgan Just is a waterman with skills across different board sports. His love of skimboarding shows in his dedication and his technical style. Morgan needs a board that is reliable and performs 100% of the time as he connects the side wash from 10th St. to the Wedge. He has that in the Morgan Just Pro Model. Perfect for technical tricks and drive in “heavy” surf, the slightly lower rocker offers speed for the advanced to expert rider to reach those far out waves.